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Field Day Update #1

Field Day is right around the corner! OK, it's still about three months away, but plans are underway for another fabulous Field Day event. This year's event takes place June 24-25. We're holding Field Day at the same park we have used for the last ten years. However, be advised, The City of Roswell renamed the park from Waller Park Extension to Groveway Community Park. It is the same park, at the same location, just with a new name.

Our Field Day team is hard at work, getting things ready. We will run 3A again, this year. Stations will include CW, phone, and a swing station. In addition we'll have the traditional Get On The Air (GOTA) station, a 6m/VHF/UHF station, a satellite station, and (hopefully) Sandy Springs PD and Alpharetta PD will allow us the use their mobile command posts for ARES demonstrations/displays again this year. We hope to have a digital operations demo at the swing station for the first few hours of Field Day. We'll be offering a radio merit badge class for Boy Scouts. And, we'll have our fabulous Field Day picnic!

The last two years, we have done exceptionally well running Field Day as a contest. Kudos to John Kludt, K4SQC, and his teams, for netting us top scores in 3A for the last two years! However, this year we are shifting our focus a bit. We still want to put up the best score we can. But, this year our focus is on showing the public what we can do, what we bring to the table, when the chips are down and traditional communications methods are unavailable. To that end, we want to bring as many visitors to our site as possible, so please spread the word to your friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers, etc.

To achieve our goal, we will be utilizing social media as much as we possibly can. Regular updates will appear on the NFARL Facebook page between now and the end of the event. We are also investigating using Twitter, Instagram, and other social media  outlets to promote our activities. We will be encouraging you to Facebook, Tweet, and post photos from our event, as well.

We have a great team working to bring Field Day to you this year. In addition to myself as the chair, the following club members are captaining the various activities:

When any of these people reach out for help, please respond as you are able. As hard as we all work to make Field Day a success, we also rely on assistance from everyone in the club. To that end, I would like to find someone to help make sure we get all the bonus points we can. If you are interested in helping in this capacity, please let me know. If you have any thoughts or ideas  on things we can do to make Field Day a success, please get in touch with me.

Thanks and 73,

Ian, KM4IK
2017 Field Day Chair



NFARL's Field Day activities will take place at Groveway Community Park (previously named Waller Park Extension), 160 Dobbs Drive, Roswell.


Talk-in to the site will be on 145.470(-) PL100.

Last updated March 12, 2017