BSA Merit Badge Workshop 2017

Are you interested in helping people during disasters? Want to learn about satellites and high tech electronics?  Want your computer to connect around the world via wireless?  Think it would be cool to talk to Astronauts in space?  If so, explore the world of wireless communications through the Radio Merit Badge and Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge!

North Fulton Amateur Radio League is offering a BSA Merit Badge Workshop on Saturday, June 24th, 2016 at Groveway Community Park on Dobbs Road in Roswell.  The workshop should enable you to satisfy all requirements for the Radio Merit Badge and Requirement 7 toward the Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge.

There is no charge for the workshop.  The workshop starts at 8AM and will be taught by registered Merit Badge Counselors.  Scouts that participate will have the opportunity to complete the requirements mentioned above within a 5 hour period.

Since the class is part of North Fulton Amateur Radio League's annual Field Day exercise, scouts will also have an opportunity to operate over the air from our Field Day stations during and after the class.

A number of scouts satisfied requirements toward their Radio Merit Badges during previous Field Days, so we are confident that we can coach you through the process. Some preparation on your part will be required; after you register you will receive instructions on what you should do to prepare.

Click here to download a PDF flyer providing an overview of the class.  For additional information, visit the sites listed below:

Jon, K4WIT is organizing the class and will be happy to respond to your questions about the class.  Contact him at

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