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Test Sessions

Ian KM4IK and his team will hold test sessions on the second Saturday of each month.  Upcoming test dates include:

Test dates are also listed on our Activities Calendar.

Test sessions take place regardless of other activities taking place on a test day.

Drop Ian KM4IK an email at to take a test (although walk-ins are welcome) participate as a volunteer examiner, or for more information.

Exams (other than the November 11th, 2017 exam) will be held at:

Alpharetta Adult Activity Center at North Park
13450 Cogburn Road
Alpharetta, GA 30004

678-297-6140 (direct)
678-297-6141 (fax)


Testing begins at 10AM.   Walk-ins are welcome, but must arrive prior to 11AM.

All amateur license candidates are required to bring the following to the exam session:

*Note – Non-driving minors, or adults without a photo ID, may provide any two of  the following in lieu of the above-mentioned photo IDs, if they don't have one:

All needed forms will be supplied by the exam teams - it will not be necessary to bring an FCC form 605.

Arrive at the exam site at least 15 minutes before the exam is scheduled to start.  This will allow time to complete test-related paperwork.

Special arrangements may be made for special testing cases.

Please keep in mind that the exam team members are volunteers and are donating their time to help you obtain your license.  They make every effort to be professional and efficient in the exam process, but they ARE volunteers.  We are blessed with more frequent test sessions here in Atlanta than probably anywhere else in the country, so a lot of folks are putting in their time.  We enjoy doing it, but an occasional "thanks" makes it that much more enjoyable.

We look forward to seeing you at the test sessions!

Last updated August 28, 2017