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Club Meetings

Meetings are normally held on the third Tuesday of each month at:

Alpharetta Adult Activity Center at North Park
13450 Cogburn Road
Alpharetta, GA 30004

678-297-6140 (direct)
678-297-6141 (fax)


The Alpharetta Adult Activity Center is located inside Alpharetta North Park on Cogburn Road (west of Highway 9).

Meetings begin at 7:30 PM.  Pre-meeting activity starts at around 7:00PM.

Click here to visit our Activities page for dates, presenters, and topics of upcoming meetings.

Guests are always welcome.  If you are interested in learning more about our club and our hobby, our meetings (and the preceeding dinner) provide great opportunities to chat with our members. 

Program Suggestions?

Contact Club Vice President and Program Chairman Daryl Young, K4RGK at if you have suggestions for an interesting program or speaker.


Month Presenter Topic
January John Kludt K4SQC dB, Coax Loss and EME
February Scott Straw KB4KBS JT65 on the HF Bands
March Bill Morton W4ASE How Can I Be In Two Places At Once - Changing the Laws of Physics
April Chuck Catledge AE4CW
Tim Lemmon WK4U
DXCC & WAS in 9 Days - and the Antennas that Made it Happen
Chuck & Tim's Adventure to PJ2T
May Alan Adamson W7QO Balloons Carrying Ham Radio - Around the World in 250 days
June John Kludt K4SQC Field Day 2017
July Jim Sorenson KA4IIA Fox Hunting
August Jeff Stuparits W4DD A New Way to Find Power Line and Other RF Noise
September Mike Cohen, AD4MC

Jim Stafford, W4QO
Setting Up & Using the New & Improved FT8 Digital Mode

Antennas, Ideas & Tips
October Mack McCormick, W4AX Chasing DX and Contesting on Two Bands Simultaneously With A Single Transceiver
November   HamJam 2016
December   NFARL Holiday Party
Month Presenter Topic
January Tim Romashko K4RA Emergency Preparedness
February Mike Cohen AD4MC Solar Power Systems
March Chuck Catledge AE4CW Antennas: Hints and Kinks
Click here to download a PDF file containing Chuck's program slides.
April Scott Straw KB4KBS
Tim Lemmon WK4U
May Tim Romashko K4RA D-Star
June John Kludt K4SQC Field Day 2016
August Pavel Anni AC4PA
Terry Joyner W4YBV
Jim Paine N4SEC
Pavel will speak on CW
Terry & Jim will speak on National Parks on the Air (NPOTA)
September Neil Foster N4FN
Bill Morton W4ASE
October Barry Kanne W4TGA Stone Mountain Holiday Present
November   HamJam 2016
December   NFARL Holiday Party
Month Presenter Topic
January Jim Stafford W4QO CW
February Jim Paine N4SEC,
Terry Joyner W4YBV,
Wes Lamboley W4WL
IOTA expedition to Turkey Island, FL in November, 2014
March Rick Downs of Georgia Power Electrical and Power Line Safety
April Jeff, N1KDO and Tim, WK4U Linux in the Shack
May Gregg Marco W6IZT K1N -- Navassa Island: How'd They Do That?
June Everyone

John K4SQC
Show Your Assets -- club show and tell session

Field Day Launch Pad
July Bob Mantell
Fun on Old TV Channel One. Bob's program was an overview of the Six meter band.  Click here to download a PDF file containing his program slides.
August Gary Pearcey, WB4RLW Cox Broadcasting Television Station WSB-DT
September John Davis, WB4QDX D-Star and Fusion 101: An Overview and Introduction to Digital Modes on VHF/UHF
October Aaron Melton KK4LOV, and Warren Merkel KD4Z Unique Uses for Computers in Ham Radio

Click here to view a PDF file containing Warren's slides.
Click here to view a PDF file containing Aaron's slides.
November   HamJam 2015
December   NFARL Holiday Party
Month Presenter Topic
January Wes Lamboley W3WL
Jim Paine N4SEC
Terry Joyner W4YBV
Quarter Century Wireless Association Cruise
February Clark Macauley W4UB Life is Too Short for QRO
March Gary Bush W6GB Renovation of Old Equipment.  Click here to download a PDF file containing Gary's presentation slides.
April Steve  Henke W9SH Open Source Software for IP Communications
May Wes Lamboley W3WL
Jim Smith W4JDS
Jim Stafford W4QO
Chuck Catledge AE4CW
Wire Antennas You Can Build.  This will be a quadruple play presentation covering:
  • Vertical Antennas
  • Indoor Stealth Antennas
  • End-Fed Antennas 
  • Doublets
June John Kludt K4SQC Field Day
July Mike Roden W5JR Fox Hunting.  Click here to download a PDF file containing Mike's presentation slides.
August Neil Foster N4FN The Art of QSLing and LOTW
September Bob Allphin K4UEE The FT5ZM Amsterdam Island DXpedition
October John Tramontanis N4TOL
Chuck Catledge AE4CW
Neil Foster N4FN
Setting Up Your First HF Station
November   HamJam 2014
December   NFARL Holiday Party
Month Presenter Topic
January Don Nesbitt N4HH DXing
February Joe Camilli N7QPP
Mike Roden W5JR
EchoLink for Beginners
March Kevin King KC6OVD
Kevin Swanson N8WHG
John Burningham W2XAB
Digital Mobile Radio
April Christian Kuhtz AK4VV Summits on the Air
May Neil Foster N4FN
Ian Kahn KM4IK
Tour of Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) version 6.0
June Double Play Scott Straw, KB4KBS provided a final update on Field Day.
Mary Hobart, K1MMH, Chief Development Officer for the ARRL, will be our special guest.
July Triple Play Jim Stafford, W4QO: Purpose and use of some common test equipment
Chuck Catledge, AE4CW: The ins and outs of baluns and chokes, including construction
Roger Shaddick, N7BU: Home weather stations
August Lt. Gary Robinson
Alpharetta Department
of Public Safety
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
September John Kludt K4SQC NFARL Satellite Adventure
October Hal Kennedy N4GG How to use your existing antennas on 160 meters
November NFARL & SEDXC HamJam, November 9th
December NFARL NFARL Holiday Party, December 14th
Month Presenter Topic
January Paul Manno KG4UVU Paul gave an insider's look at the DXpedition to T32C.
February Chuck AE4CW
Bill N4NX
The How's and Whys of QSLing

Click here to view a video of the business segment of the February meeting; click here to see part 1 of a video of Chuck and Bill's presentations; click here for part 2.

March Jim W4QO
Scott KB4KBS
Chuck AE4CW

Jim W4QO introduced the club's 2012 approach to the GA QSO party, Scott KB4KBS shared his vision for 2012 Field Day, and
Chuck AE4CW discussed ideas for turning both of these events into learning opportunities for our new and not-so-new hams.

Click here to view a video of the business segment of the March meeting; click here to see a video of the presentations.

April John Gorkos AB0OO John AB0OO, APRS coordinator for North Georgia, shared with us the latest advances in the deployment of APRS systems.

Click here to view a video of the business segment of the April meeting; click here to see a video of John's presentation.

May John Kludt K4SQC ARISS contact at Parkside Elementary
June Scott KB4KBS Field Day
July Scott Dunbar N4SBD Scott Dunbar N4SBD took us through the start-up and launch of a balloon into Near Space over North Georgia with APRS tracking through most of the flight and a successful recovery of the balloon.

Click here to view a video of the business segment of the July meeting; click here to see a video of Scott's presentation.

August Edward Doyle KJ4NRN Youth DX Adventure
September Ed Tanton N4XY Grid Dip Meters
October Kyle Albritton W4KDA Digital Modes
November   HamJam
December   Holiday Party
Month Presenter Topic
January Neil Foster N4FN The January program looked at the Ham Radio Deluxe suite of computer programs designed to automate many of your station activities.  As a follow-up to his Q&A session on TechNet, Neil Foster N4FN walked us through some of the functions and features of HRD.
February Ian Kah, AK4IK
Mack McCormick, W4AX
Mike Roden, W5JR
Fred Moore, N4CLA
Ian Kahn AK4IK gave a presentation on his recent trip to the TenTec factory.

The "Sweat Mountain Boys" -- Mack, W4AX, Mike, W5JR and Fred, N4CLA -- gave an update on and visual tour of our repeater site.
March Wes Lamboley, W3WL
George Nicholson, N4GRN
South Orkney Islands DXPedition Report
January - February 2011
April Mike Roden, W5JR Transmitter Hunting    Meeting Slides
May Bob Ross, WA2EXZ
Ron Howe, KB4RQM
Radio Control Model Airplanes
June Ian Kahn, AK4IK et al Field Day
July Ken Evans, W4DU QRP Q & A
August Rich Arland K7SZ Ten Things New Hams Should Know
September Wes W3WL
John N4TOL
John K7SYS
HF Phone Operation Basics
October Kay Craigie, N3KN
Tom Rauch, W8JI
Eric Swartz, WA6HHQ
November Rick Maxwell, W8KHK Early Days of Space Program, an Insiders View
December   Holiday Party

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